Caspia is not the only one of several cooperative efforts in Washington prisons to teach coding. Other efforts include:

University Beyond Bars

Most of my work is done as a class sponsored by University Beyond Bars (UBB) at the Washington State Reformatory in Monroe, WA. In addition to my technical seminar, UBB offers typically one other class in computing taught by an Amazon employee.


Unloop is an organization based in Seattle, Washington that teaches coding classes at several Washington state prisons, as well as providing industry contacts.

Peninsula College

The Peninsula College branch in the Clallam Bay prison has been teaching computing classes for several years, focused initially on game design. Out of the effort has some an exciting project to make laptops available to students, with a secure hardware and software under the Open Prison Education (OPE) effort.

    Caspia is my personal project dedicated to help prisoners in the state of Washington learn to code. I lead a technical seminar at WSR in Monroe, Washington where a group of prisoners is learning web design using the nodejs platform.