Caspia - Creating Accomplished Software Professionals In Absentia

Hi, I'm R. Kent James, sometimes using the handle rkent. You can read a little more about me on the About page.

This is the main website for my personal initiative to work with software professionals who are incarcerated in Washington state prisons. This includes some people who are beginners, as well as some who were software professionals before they entered prison. Generally the goal is to allow them to continue to develop their skills while in prison.

One of the main challenges of doing modern software development in prison is that so much of what is needed is located on the internet, but the prisoners do not have internet access. As a result, I spend a great deal of my effort developing various projects to provide offline access to software development tools and documentation.. Much of this site describes those tools, and tries to make them available for others in similar situations.

Caspia is my personal project dedicated to help prisoners in the state of Washington learn to code. I lead a technical seminar at WSR in Monroe, Washington where a group of prisoners is learning web design using the nodejs platform.